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ToolWiz Photos
Toolwiz Photos is the best all-in-one PRO photo editor on Android. It offers a superior way to make creative and gorgeous photos by providing powerful tools with many one-tap effects which are easy to use. It’s simple and powerful, turns everyone into pro photographer.
Face Swap
Selfie Cam with real time animated cute face stickers and beauty filters. It's also an interesting community where users can post their wonderful videos and inspire others.
Toolwiz Eyes
Toolwiz Eyes is a voice camera that helps blind and visually impaired to“see”the world. Just point the phone camera at the object and you will get an answer by voice and text.
Slideshow Lab
Slideshow Lab is great way to create beautiful slideshow movie from your beloved photos and record precious moment of your life. With this easy to use App you are able to direct your own movie and share it to your family and friends on your social media.
Toolwiz Cleaner
Toolwiz Cleaner is a small and exquisite app used to clean, accelerate, optimize and manage your android phones with just a simple click or a gentle shake.
ToolWiz Time Freeze
It is an easy and effective instant system restore software through creating a virtual environment as a copy of the real system, to keep your PC away from any undesired changes as well as malicious threats, such as spywares, undetectable worm,Trojan virus and so forth.
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